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Revolutionise Your Approach to Basement Waterproofing

Bid farewell to short-lived solutions like PU Injection for water leaks in basements, elevator pits, underground car parks, and MRT stations. Embrace SG’s innovative, permanent solution with our advanced Korean NPR Injection technology. As basement waterproofing specialists in Singapore, we ensure a durable fix right from the start.

Our method isn’t just a quick fix; it’s a comprehensive approach to basement waterproofing. We assess each site’s unique needs, applying NPR Injection to not only repair but prevent future leaks. Trust in our expertise for a secure, long-term defence against water damage.

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While PU injection has been a common but temporary solution for underground leaking issues, our NPR injection stands out as a proven and permanent basement waterproofing solution. This non-curing polymer rubber gel not only effectively restores waterproofing membranes but also carries prestigious certifications as a green product, reflecting its eco-friendly and long-lasting qualities.

Landed Property Basement

We use advanced technology and proven methods to ensure your basement remains dry and problem-free.

Elevator Pits

We specialize in addressing leaks in elevator pits, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Underground Car Park

Our waterproofing expertise ensures that your underground car park remains free from water intrusion

MRT and Road Tunnels

Our team is well-equipped to tackle these challenges head-on, offering expert waterproofing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

JSJ Waterproofing specialises in professional waterproofing and leaking basement repair services. They offer solutions for landed property basements, elevator pits, underground car parks, MRT, and road tunnels​.

NPR Injection is an advanced Korean technology designed for comprehensive and permanent waterproofing solutions. Unlike traditional methods like PU Injection, it minimises drilling and effectively solves water leak issues, ensuring complete rehabilitation of damaged waterproofing layers.

Yes, NPR Injection is eco-friendly. It is crafted from recycled rubber, aligns with sustainable practices, is cold-applied with minimal VOC content, and has received the ‘Certificate of Korea Eco Label’ for its environmental commitment.

Yes, JSJ Waterproofing has experience in handling complex and large-scale projects, including government projects, road tunnels, MRT tunnels, and large commercial buildings like Marina One.

Check for Basement Water Leaks!

Short Brief About Us

JSJ Basement Waterproofing Specialist, founded in 2002 in Singapore, was a pioneer in introducing NPR Injection to the country. Our commitment to delivering a one-time, convenient waterproofing solution has effectively resolved water leakage issues in various Government projects. Now, we are excited to extend our expertise to help landed property owners with leaky basements.

We use the latest Korean technology and materials to provide effective waterproofing solutions for basements. Unlike traditional PU injection, our gel-type solution is designed to stay effective for a long time.

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