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The JSJ Corporation Pte Ltd marked February 2002  as its first establishment in Singapore.In 2009, LTA engaged Korean waterproofing company, Renew System, to manage road tunnels (MCE482, MCE486) and MRT (C915, C937) projects.

In 2013,  the existing PU application the D-wall leakage of NSLE C 156 which could not be resolved. Switching to the the non-curing polymer Ruber’s Turbo Seal from Renew System over the span of 8 months,the D-wall was completely leak-free.

Since 2014, the JSJ Corporation has applied NPR Injection to C918, C925, and C937, site renovation and recently the construction of the Marina One basement parking lot leak repair.

The basement of the new building, which is currently the highest in Singapore in the construction and Tanjong Page Centre, leaks three stories Renovations.

Currently, JSJ is dealing with the leaking D-wall and walls of the MRT T216 site.

JSJ has gained recognition for its advanced Korean technology over the years in Singapore as the one-time hassle-free waterproofing solution.

The NPR Injection has gained favourable evaluation from countries including Japan, Australian, America, Canada and Arabia construction.

Expertise & Experience

  • Mr. Kim Jin Ok, the Principal Engineer, worked 26 years as a civil engineer with Samsung, with 12 years as the Project Manager at 2 Korean MRT construction sites. 

  • From 1998-2002, Mr. Kim Jin Ok was the Project Manager for the construction of the Singapore North East Line (NEL) at C703 MRT site. 

  • From 2002, Mr. Kim Jin Ok had focused on restorative waterproofing work, using Turbo Seal, on Singapore MRT and road tunnels, and building basements. These projects covered the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), North South Line (NSL), East West Line (EWL), and the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE)

  • Singapore Projects

Career Achievement in Singapore:

In 1999,  Mr. Kim received the grand prize for the second consecutive LTE “Annual Safety Award Convention 1999” Quality and “Annual Safety Award Convention 2000” awards.

Educational Background

After graduating from the Civil Engineering University in 1975 in Korea, Mr. Kim completed a Master’s degree in civil engineering in 1999.

Educational Background

  1. South Korea

  2. US

  3. Canada

  4. China

  5. Japan

  6. Australia

  7. Hong Kong

  8. Vietnam

  9. UAE

  10. Qatar

  11. Peru

  12. Brazil

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